Christina's Services & Rates

Spa Facial $40

This facial is a combination of relaxation and a healthy skin boost.  Relaxing steam helps open the pores to aid in the cleansing of the skin.  Facial massage, shoulder and neck massage included.  During your facial mask, the arms and hands are massaged.  This facial leaves your skin visibly refreshed. 

Teen Facial $22 - $28

This facial treatment is for the teen experiencing breakouts.  The use of High Frequency helps suppress acne causing bacteria and helps promote healing of blemishes.  Includes pore cleansing extractions, using Ultrasonic Cleansing technology.  

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $65

This facial is for the client with clogged skin.  Extra time and attention is given to deep cleansing the skin.  Ultrasonic Therapy is used to soften the clogging and exfoliate the skin.  Gentle extractions are done to clean out the pores.  After extractions, High Frequency is used to promote healing.  A pore minimizing mask is applied, followed by moisturizer.  

Microdermabrasion $40 (face only) add neck $5

The use of light suction and gentle manual abrasion is used to remove dead outer surface cells.  Refreshing the skin, allowing products to absorb more effectively into the skin.  These treatments can improve mild scarring, even out skin tone, and pigmentation when done in a series.  

Dermaplane $40,   Add Enzyme Peel $25

The area to be treated will be cleansed, and a sterile blade is used to gently exfoliate your skin.  The treatment removes dead surface cells and "peach fuzz," the light blonde facial hair.  Revealing smooth vibrant skin.  Making makeup application smoother.

Dermaplane Facial $60

After your Dermaplane, hydrating serums are infused into the fresh skin with Ultrasonic Therapy.  Lifting and toning the skin.  Gentle facial massage is followed by a mask and moisturizer.  

Back Facial $55

Back breakouts can be improved with this treatment.  The back is exfoliated using microdermabrasion to remove dead surface cell buildup.  Blemishes are extracted.  Soft Collagen Mask applied for hydration. 

Glycolic Peel $28